Darrelle Revis has been charged with four felonies — one of which is aggravated assault — and a misdemeanor for his alleged involvement in a brawl earlier this month, but the New York Jets cornerback is adamant that he did not throw any punches.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reported on Monday that Revis’ representatives have privately told Jets officials that Revis did not throw a punch. Instead, it was supposedly the seven-time Pro Bowler’s “goons, as Mehta phrased it, who knocked two men unconscious after they approached Revis outside a bar in Pittsburgh in the early hours of the morning.

An 11-second video that was posted by TMZ Sunday night shows an unknown man bragging about having punched two other men and knocking them unconscious. The man who was off camera was threatening to hit other people, and there was speculation that it was Revis doing the talking. Mehta said the voice is “absolutely not Revis’ voice,” though the reporter concedes that it remains unclear who threw the swings.

Revis is the only person who has been charged with a crime at this point. His attorneys said in a statement that Revis “absolutely” did not hit anyone.

“Darrelle Revis absolutely, categorically and positively did not knock out anyone, did not conspire with anyone to commit an assault, did not say ‘shut up before I knock your [expletive] out next’ and surely did not ‘rob’ another of a cell phone,” the legal representatives said. “The voice and admissions made on the video are not that of Darrelle Revis. We have no doubt but that further investigation relative to the clothing and voice verification will corroborate the above assertions.”

The case is still under investigation, and it sounds like a lot of questions remain unanswered. A 911 call that was placed after the incident (listen to it here) described a disturbing scene.