ANNOUNCER 1: Underway from Basel. Elyounoussi was in the box. Overland knocked down on a hard challenge, ruled, apparently, just shoulder to shoulder.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, you can see him setting Otamendi up here, trying to draw that foul in the box.

ANNOUNCER 1: Already in their fourth quarter, this from the first side, and there’s the first one, Gundogan. Sterling, with a step ahead, plays it across towards Aguero. The second man gets it. Silva off the post, off the goalkeeper. 2-0.

ANNOUNCER 2: The shot isn’t hit with that much power. Man City needs to do better with that one.

ANNOUNCER 1: Fernandinho straight ahead. Aguero fires it. Sergio Aguero, 3-0. It is not Basel League’s day.

ANNOUNCER 2: That should be a yellow card. Oh, one mode of defending, I suppose. Sherwood Jabka is–

ANNOUNCER 1: Why would he argue?

ANNOUNCER 2: –is so upset about here.

ANNOUNCER 1: Aguero gun it forward. Gundogan settles, fires it. Gundogan has 2. Man City has 4.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, sometimes teams make it look easy.

ANNOUNCER 1: And the clip there. Elyounoussi went down. Fernandinho is going to get booked. That’s going to do it.

ANNOUNCER 2: A good day by Gundogan, there’s no doubt about it.