COMMENTATOR 1: And a promising-looking moment once again ends with nothing. Marcelo the other way, trying to find for Ronaldo. Areola backing off. Ronaldo! Saved! And Areola’s paid the price. He’s down.

COMMENTATOR 2: Areola makes himself big–

We see time after time getting on the end of those.

COMMENTATOR 1: Mbappé got away from Marcelo. Trying to whip in the cross. Cavani letting it go for Neymar. Dropping off now Rabiot has scored! PSG, the away goal.

COMMENTATOR 2: Kylian Mbappé, who’s been fairly quiet over the first 33 minutes does so well. It’s an early cross. We see the number of them. And it’s so clever from Neymar.

COMMENTATOR 1: Marcelo. The return. Kroos taken down. Referee. Penalty for Real Madrid.

99 career Champions League goals just for Real Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo. An even 100! A tie game late in the first half.

Play for Asensio. Bale overlapping. Asensio takes it himself. Takes it a flag on the doorstep. Ronaldo! His knee! His thigh! Whatever it has to be to give Real Madrid the lead!

COMMENTATOR 2: Right place, right time. How many times do we say it? For Cristiano Ronaldo off the kneecap.

COMMENTATOR 1: Marcelo, great work with Toni Kroos. Asensio. Driven cross. Marcelo deflected it in! 3-1 Real Madrid!

COMMENTATOR 2: Take this on the run with a technique from your left back. Marcelo, anything will do. It almost looks like it comes off his shin. And Madrid go 3-1 up.