ANNOUNCER 1: He has never scored, in 8 career games, against Chelsea. Will it end tonight or will the funk against the Blues continue?

–support for Marcos Alonso. Willian, looking for space on Busquets. Gets it away! Oh, off the post.

ANNOUNCER 2: Just this little move with his right foot, a drop of the shoulder, and then he accelerates so quickly.

ANNOUNCER 1: –looking for Pedro. Dangerous touch back in the middle of the field. Pique’s touch, only as far as Willian. Off the post again!

ANNOUNCER 2: And look how quickly he gets the ball out of his feet and has a shot there. It’s just a half touch. And again, if this is inside that near post, ter Stegen has no chance.

ANNOUNCER 1: Eden Hazard, across for Willian. He’s hit the post twice. Trying to create space to go a third time, and finally in, this one!

ANNOUNCER 2: And it’s through traffic. ter Stegen, no chance, he doesn’t see it. Shows the awareness to bend it around Rakitic, who comes out here. Willian knows exactly what he wants to do with this. He hits it low and hard. And this time, he finds the back of the net.

ANNOUNCER 1: Dangerous ball into the middle. Iniesta is there. In front of him [INAUDIBLE]. Now Messi– first career goal in 9 games against Chelsea. Barcelona finally break through.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, as he picks it up here, just a little drop of the shoulder, has a look up, rolls it into the path of Lionel Messi. It’s well weighted so he can take it first time. And are you going to bet against Lionel Messi from there? Absolutely not.