The construction of their new stadium is running behind schedule

Tottenham have requested the Premier League to let them play their first four matches of next season away from their new stadium – including one at Wembley.

The club were hoping they would be able to move into their new £750million ground being built in time to fit in with the new fixture list that is being announced on Thursday.

Spurs would like to play their first home game at Wembley – where they played in the 2017/18 season

They thought they would have to ask for their first three matches to be played away from home in order to give them breathing space for the stadium to be ready.

But further delays to the construction of their old White Hart Lane home has led to Spurs going back to the league with a new request.

Spurs would like to play their first home game at Wembley before playing their remaining 18 home fixtures in their new venue.

However, current Premier League rules prevent a side using more than one ground as a home pitch in a season unless they are given special written permission.

The club have registered their plea but will have to wait for a verdict headed by the three-strong Premier League board headed by chief exec Richard Scudamore.

The board are not scheduled to meet until later in June.